Introduction to MESHWORK

Hello, and welcome to MESHWORK.

We created MESHWORK to help you – help yourself, and we do this in a number of different ways.

MESHWORK is a network of courses & services – if you would like to find out how we can help you – please click through on text and images that resonate with you – in the slider or the courses & services displayed below.

If you are looking for a quick fix – then we are probably not the right people for you. However, if you are searching for an intelligent and comprehensive approach then MESHWORK  is for you.



If you are wondering who we are and how MESHWORK was formed – you may be interested in reading the following brief introduction, our about page and blog.

In a nutshell, MESHWORK is distilled from over 40 years of combined practice, research, teaching and clinical experience – and includes the most vital practices and concepts that we find ourselves communicating to the majority of our clients.

We hold qualifications in the following fields: Osteopathic Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Iyengar Yoga.

At MESHWORK we are all about process not product.



MESHWORK Fundamentals is for people that want to go deeper and is designed to enhance the overall quality of Integrated Embodiment. Fundamentals incorporates practices and concepts, to move you beyond redundant patterns which impact negatively on natural resting states, breathing, posture and movement.

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Body Reading

Body Reading incorporates the essential features of integrated musculoskeletal assessment – encapsulating 40 years of combined clinical experience, teaching, research and practice.

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Assisted Mobility

This Assisted Mobility course incorporates practices and concepts that will increase your capacity for safe, reliable and better integrated movement.

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SOS: Low Back Pain

This course will help you settle the effects of acute low back pain, eliminate factors that fuel acute low back pain and introduce supportive movement.

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