Introduction to MESHWORK

Dr Patrick Craig (Osteopath)


We created MESHWORK to help you – help yourself. Through MESHWORK you will be better able to optimise self-care and alleviate pain. You will also experience an enhanced sense of ease, freedom of movement, capacity, health span and self-efficacy.

We created MESHWORK to help you feel better – to feel free – to feel agile – to feel strong – to feel resilient – to feel supported – to feel relaxed – to feel peaceful – to feel informed – to feel considered – to feel spontaneous – to feel open – to feel more – to feel aware – to feel grounded – to feel light – and ultimately…to feel Integrated…to feel Embodied.

We created MESHWORK to transform the way you perceive & experience the body.

MESHWORK is distilled from over 40 years of combined practice, research, teaching and clinical experience – and includes the most vital practices and concepts that we find ourselves communicating to the majority of our clients.

We hold qualifications in the following fields: Osteopathic Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Iyengar Yoga.

We understand that dysfunctional breathing, posture and movement patterns can perpetuate discomfort and pain – and we know what to do to create a greater sense of ease.

With the exception of Fundamentals which is a 6 month course – the price of our courses are equivalent to an initial consultation with a physical therapist. It would typically require months of clinical treatment, with us, to cover the volume of material included in our courses. Our courses provide you with practices and concepts which create sustainable systemic change.

If you want an intelligent comprehensive approach then MESHWORK  is for you.



MESHWORK Fundamentals is for people that want to go deeper and is designed to enhance the overall quality of Integrated Embodiment. Fundamentals incorporates practices and concepts, to move you beyond redundant patterns which impact negatively on natural resting states, breathing, posture and movement.

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Body Reading

Body Reading incorporates the essential features of integrated musculoskeletal assessment – encapsulating 40 years of combined clinical experience, teaching, research and practice.

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Assisted Mobility

This Assisted Mobility course incorporates practices and concepts that will increase your capacity for safe, reliable and better integrated movement.

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SOS: Low Back Pain

This course will help you settle the effects of acute low back pain, eliminate factors that fuel acute low back pain and introduce supportive movement.

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