We are committed to sharing our experience and expertise. We feel that MESHWORK is an ideal platform to convey this synthesis of practices and concepts which extend far beyond the limitations of the clinic or studio.

MESHWORK will provide you with transformative practices and insights distilled from over 40 years of combined practice, research, teaching and clinical experience. Between us we hold qualifications in the following fields: Osteopathic Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Iyengar Yoga.

MESHWORK will help you move towards sustainable and adaptive life-long practices which enhance Integrated Embodiment.


Rather than write our own bios we decided to keep it fresh and write one for each other. We hope that this gives you some insight into how our paths have grown together and enabled MESHWORK to emerge.


Nicole Neveu MESHWORK

Nicole and I met by chance – this chance crossing of paths marked the instantaneous beginning of MESHWORK.

Nicole is an essentialist – she is modest, perceptive, direct and clear. She is the most intellectually and emotionally rigorous person I know, consequently she enjoys a high level of spontaneity and playfulness. Nicole has deeply cultivated aesthetic sensibilities and perceptual skills, she simultaneously perceives details and their relation to the integrity of the whole, she also has fantastic problem solving abilities – these attributes have been invaluable to the content, design and structural development of MESHWORK.

When people ask what she does she typically says that she is a yoga teacher – indeed, before dedicating herself to the creation of MESHWORK, teaching was her full time occupation for 15 years. Nicole is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher – and has been practicing for 25+ years.

Her practice is immersive and rigorous and has no beginning or end. From where I stand yoga has found full expression in her practice and orientation in the world – in distinct contrast to the more mainstream view of yoga and its reduction to exercise and lifestyle products.

Before she began to practice yoga, Nicole had been a gymnast and gymnastic coach – it is perhaps due to this foundation and perspective that she does not equate physical feats with yoga and is enthusiastic about any sign of coherence and integrity in someone’s practice – regardless of the wow factor. Her teaching encourages people to, move beyond the limitations of mechanistic performance towards Integrated Embodiment and ultimately become their own teachers.

Nicole’s pedagogy incorporates an awareness of subconscious and psycho-emotional terrain. This is informed by her training and experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist – Nicole has been mindful long before it was fashionable. This background continues to inspire her interest in all things neurobiological, cognitive and embodied. Nicole’s focus is experiential knowledge – it is not enough to simply know something intellectually. She has purposefully shaped the structure and content of MESHWORK to create a conducive learning environment where participants can engage fully with process.

In addition, Nicole is a practicing artist and holds a degree in Visual Arts and Masters in Electronic Arts. Her artistic process demonstrates the same insight, rigour and sensitivity as her approach to embodied practices. I often describe her artwork as having biological and phenomenological qualities. Like Integrated Embodiment there is no perceptible delineation in where and how these skills have contributed to the content, integrity and sensibility of MESHWORK.

Patrick Craig Meshwork

When I first met Patrick we exchanged a few words about yoga and arranged to practice together. Those practice sessions and dialogues represent the beginning of MESHWORK.

Patrick is springy, agile and dynamic. This allows him to, leap into and immerse himself in seemingly disparate fields of research – give it all a good shake up – identify pertinent connections – and with astounding recollection, share it with others in an engaging and entertaining way.

When in his company, being overly sensitive or easily offended is not recommended on account of his edgy, sometimes outrageous sense of humour and his enjoyment of causing a ruckus by challenging the status quo. Patrick is unusual in that he is able to combine this measure of feisty dynamic energy with dropping his guard, and being open to ongoing growth.

Patrick is a very well informed, insightful, skilled and generous Osteopath with an equally developed understanding of embodiment and movement, a combination which has helped many patients. His infectious liveliness gets clients laughing and helps them regain a sense of enthusiasm for their own wellbeing.

I have observed him accurately diagnose conditions which have slipped past the radars of other medical professionals. He has no time for practitioner mystique and the manufacture of pathology. He (like me) does not like to create a sense of dependancy in his patients and provides them with resources to improve their levels of self-sufficiency and resilience.

Patrick has overhauled generic rehabilitation approaches to craft individualised and highly effective patient care – with excellent clinical outcomes. Patrick is adamant that teaching patients movement practices, emphasising the qualitative aspects of functional movement, continuity and awareness, is infinitely more powerful than conventional rehabilitation approaches. His approach is informed by ongoing post-graduate training, independent research and the practice of Chinese internal martial arts.

Patrick’s science background has given him the skills and knowledge to digest pertinent research while his clinical experience has refined his ability to extract, apply and convey concepts which improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

Our courses incorporate these concepts into each practice – taking this information off the shelf and into the fabric of the organism – to transform the way you perceive and experience embodiment.