is this a band-aid, QUICK FIX or magical solution?

no – this course is practice and process oriented which requires time and dedication


yes and no - you may feel better instantly however further benefits will unfold as you move through the course. Your sensitivity and awareness of change will improve, as will your understanding of time frames for different types of physiological change. This course has longevity, if you continue to practice you will find yourself experiencing benefits and insights years from now.


no - these are simple physiologically grounded practices supported by scientific research

is this about US – FIXING YOU?

no - Fundamentals is all about helping you develop skills to move towards developing a self-sufficient practice and self care

will I become DEPENDANT on MESHWORK and your courses?

no - the whole purpose of this course is to teach you how to establish your own practice and become self sufficient


no - Fundamentals is designed to do the opposite


no - we would like you to focus on the course material in a reflective way

is this course PRACTICE based?

yes - this course is practice based – Fundamentals focuses on experiential learning

do i have to do a DAILY PRACTICE?

yes – this course is process and practice oriented

can Fundamentals help me develop a LIFE LONG PRACTICE?

yes – Fundamentals is an optimal starting place – once you have the fundamentals in place all you need do is continue to practice

when I finish Fundamentals do I have to do MORE MESHWORK COURSES?

no – the purpose of Fundamentals is that upon completion you will be able to continue practising or pursuing other activities with greater awareness and ease

are these practices SUSTAINABLE?

yes – we have designed the course so that each practice is easily incorporated and maintained in daily life – these practices sustain well being

will you be doing any MYTH BUSTING and dismantling of popular misconceptions?

yes absolutely – to support your understanding of the body and the way you approach practice

can I SKIP THROUGH Fundamentals or finish it in a FASTER time frame?

no – Fundamentals is a progressive learning experience that is process oriented – many people have accumulated misconceptions that need to be attended to before proceeding – being respectful of ones current limitations is essential to progress

is this a SOLO journey?

yes – but you will find that the benefits can propagate into all aspects of your relationships, environment and life

what am I going to GET out of this?

a sense of coherence, ease and integration – Integrated Embodiment is essential to our sense of wellbeing and capacity for intelligent and sustainable lifelong activity

will I be permanently BLISSED out?

yes and no – yes you may ‘feel the bliss’ but more importantly Fundamentals will enable you to move through life with greater composure, resilience, resourcefulness, equanimity and awareness

will all resources be PROVIDED in the course?

yes – Fundamentals includes everything you need to participate and engage

will I need to PURCHASE anything else?

maybe - depending on what you have at hand at home – you may need to purchase some props including some blankets and/or a bolster – you will be provided with a prop list on day 5 of the Fundamentals course

will I be able to CONTACT YOU 24/7 with questions?

no - simply because there are only two of us here at MESHWORK. Fundamentals includes everything you need to know and has been designed to develop self sufficiency. Many questions resolve themselves through practice – Fundamentals includes content on how to do this.

can I CONTACT you at all?

yes – we have a dedicated Q&A interface where you can submit questions to us – we also have an email where you can submit technical questions and a contact form.

what happens when I FINISH the course?

we have structured this course for maximum absorption with the intention that it will unfold into a rewarding and engaging life long practice. You have the option of continuing on with other courses. Once you have completed Fundamentals, we are happy to offer suggestions about which course would best suit your needs.

can I get a REFUND on this course?

We do not offer refunds on our services or courses.
  1. MESHWORK is not interested in marketing ploys & generating impulse buys. We respect your ability to make a considered decision about enrolling in this course.
  2. The MESHWORK no refunds policy is an acknowledgement of our deep respect for the quality and integrity of our work, as well as everyone and everything that has contributed to our progress and the development of MESHWORK.
  3. Under dire circumstances we can put your course on ‘hold’. Where possible, we strongly recommend that you continue with the course and in particular the practices as these will assist you in moving through difficult times. We have observed, over the years of teaching and clinical practice, that sometimes students facing challenges – drop their practice at a time when they need it most.
PLEASE NOTE: Fundamentals is designed to be accessible to everybody. If you have specific concerns, limitations, injuries and/or a medical condition we recommend that you consider accessing our Body Reading service first.

do you offer PAYMENT PLANS?

We do not offer payment plans on our services and courses. MESHWORK is not interested in marketing ploys & generating impulse buys. We respect your ability to make a considered decision about enrolling in this course.

will you bombard my inbox with EMAILS?

  1. MESHWORK is not interested in marketing ploys & generating impulse buys – please be assured that we will not bombard your inbox with emails and that there will be no price slashing etc. we respect your ability to make a considered decision about enrolling in our courses.
  2. We are happy that you found us. As far as marketing goes – our sole purpose is creating enough visibility so that those of you that will benefit from our courses are able to locate us.
  3. Once you purchase Body Reading – you will receive a number of emails including your order confirmation, instructions and an email to let you know that your Body Reading is available for viewing.
  4. Once you have enrolled in Fundamentals you will receive a number of emails including your order confirmation and instructions. During the course you will receive a daily email – with a link to Today’s Practice & Conceptual Element.
  5. If you request a Fundamentals Sample Lesson – you will be given the opportunity to subscribe to our email list – you can unsubscribe at any time – if you choose to subscribe you will receive periodic MESHWORK updates.
  6. We respect your privacy and do not share or onsell email lists.
If you would like to join us please do. We look forward to your participation.