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We created this Assisted Mobility course because the health benefits of movement are compelling, and we believe in making these benefits more accessible to you.

We understand that physical instability can limit your capacity for movement. Furthermore, we recognise that when people do not receive the input they need their rehabilitation efforts may stall or fail altogether. Unfortunately, this can lead to persistent inactivity or sedentariness – which impact negatively on us psychologically and physiologically, and eventually increase fall risk.

This MESHWORK Assisted Mobility module incorporates the strategies and practices that we employ with patients and students.

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This Assisted Mobility module is intended to increase your capacity for safe, reliable and better integrated movement – which will enable you to build strength, mobility and a greater capacity for movement — a virtuous cycle! To achieve this objective we have incorporated the use of various mobility aids including domestic surfaces and objects, alpine walking sticks, microbands and powerbands.



The volume of material included in this course would typically require months of clinical treatment.

Assisted Mobility course:

clinically proven approach

essential therapeutic concepts

supported by extensive research

instructional videos

cost effective


MESHWORK Assisted Mobility is not a medical, neurological or orthopaedic diagnosis or treatment and does not take the place of appropriate medical examination. For further details please read our Terms & Conditions.

For more information about MESHWORK: Assisted Mobility please click through to our Assisted Mobility course description page.