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We created MESHWORK Body Reading to provide you with an expert survey of your unique embodied patterns – including movement patterns, postural habits and adaptive strategies. Embodied patterns permeate how you perceive, experience and move your body.

Recognising your unique embodied patterns can have a dramatic immediate impact on how you inhabit your body.

Body Reading incorporates the essential features of integrated musculoskeletal assessment – encapsulating 40 years of combined practice, research, teaching and clinical experience.

MESHWORK Body Reading is a positive step, along the path – towards Integrated Embodiment.

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STATIC: BODY READING includes an annotated diagram with labels denoting regions of the body.

Your unique Body Reading will include only those regions relevant to you – it may not include all of the regions displayed in our sample diagrams. Each of these labels can be clicked on – once clicked upon you will be able to view pertinent information about your:




Our MESHWORK course recommendations are also included with every Body Reading.

You will be required to upload 3 photographs and a questionnaire – the process is simple, just follow the instructions provided in your confirmation email.

MESHWORK Body Reading is not a medical, neurological or orthopaedic diagnosis or treatment and does not take the place of appropriate medical examination. For further details please read our Terms & Conditions.

For more information about MESHWORK: Body Reading please click through to our Body Reading course description page.


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