Myofascial Balls

$35.00 AUD

These high density texturised myofascial balls are essential tools for musculoskeletal self care. Suited for the management of:

– occupational overuse
– targeted soft tissue rehydration and remodelling
– mobilisation
– injury rehabilitation

Sold as a pair (8 cm and 12 cm diameter)




Myofascial balls are integral to musculoskeletal self care. Gradual and progressive use of myofascial balls will increase tissue hydration, promote collagen regeneration-remodelling and desensitise painful structures. The use of myofascial balls will produce better integrated movement and force transmission. Myofascial balls can be used to explore the myofascial system, produce therapeutic change and enhance both sensitivity and awareness through the precise application of complex forces.

We supply balls as a pair – 8 cm and 12 cm diameter – different sizes enable you to optimise the interplay between body position, mechanical loading and myofascial target to enhance localisation and specificity.

Made in Germany:  durable, QC DIN ISO 9001:2000, environmentally friendly and energy saving production, 100% recyclable, free of VOCs, odourless, water resistant & easy to clean.