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We have created this Low Back Pain (LBP) course to provide participants with accurate information and a clinically effective way to move through an episode of acute LBP. Acute LBP can be frightening. This fear and the severity of pain can be exacerbated by misinformation. Even though LBP causes more global disability than any other condition it is shrouded in misconceptions.

We have observed a palpable relief in students and patients when they better understand the nature of acute LBP and how to approach it. In acute low back pain, that has not been caused by trauma, it is rare that something has ‘slipped’ or is ’out’.

This MESHWORK SOS course incorporates practices and concepts that are clinically effective and address many of the common characteristics of acute LBP.

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This course will help you settle the effects of acute LBP, eliminate factors that fuel acute LBP and introduce supportive movement. Additionally, this process can attune you to adaptive changes and enable you to disrupt the development of chronic LBP.



The volume of material included in this course would typically require months of clinical treatment.

SOS Low Back Pain course:

clinically proven approach

essential therapeutic concepts

supported by extensive research

instructional videos

cost effective


MESHWORK SOS: Low Back Pain is not a medical, neurological or orthopaedic diagnosis or treatment and does not take the place of appropriate medical examination. For further details please read our Terms & Conditions.

For more information about MESHWORK SOS: Low Back Pain please click through to our SOS: Low Back Pain course description page.