The principle of Integrated Embodiment begins with a biologically grounded understanding that the body is integrated – or more specifically – that the organism is integrated within and between physiological systems – like the nervous system or the musculosketal system, and across all material scales – from the molecular to the whole organism.

Integrated Embodiment is not a whimsical fabrication!

Integrated Embodiment is grounded in biology — it is a recurrent theme in all of biology and inherent to all living systems and organisms.

Because of this principle of integration – when we use the term Embodiment – we are referring to the whole organism – which includes the mind and body – embedded in its social, cultural and material environment.

The quality of this integration is the greatest indicator of the health of the organism. We strongly believe that through cultivating the quality of Integrated Embodiment we have the capacity to massively enhance our quality of life and health-span.

This is why we say that MESHWORK is for everybody in a body.



MESHWORK Fundamentals is for people that want to go deeper and is designed to enhance the overall quality of Integrated Embodiment. Fundamentals incorporates practices and concepts, to move you beyond redundant patterns which impact negatively on natural resting states, breathing, posture and movement.

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Body Reading

Body Reading incorporates the essential features of integrated musculoskeletal assessment – encapsulating 40 years of combined clinical experience, teaching, research and practice.

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SOS: Low Back Pain

This course will help you settle the effects of acute low back pain, eliminate factors that fuel acute low back pain and introduce supportive movement.

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Assisted Mobility

This Assisted Mobility course incorporates practices and concepts that will increase your capacity for safe, reliable and better integrated movement.

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